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One Long Awkward Moment

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I was all kinds of drunk when I wrote this and when I read it again a year later I decided it was too funny/sad/embarrassing/true not to keep. I mostly write at www.midyearresolution.blogspot.com these days.

"No, trust me. I know somebody, who knows somebody who knows all about it."

I'm totally awesome fyi. I'm 20 years old cougar in training (jk kinda) studying speech language pathology in Southern California. I'm pretty boring and highly neurotic, but if you're interested in reading about baby animals and sex dreams about nerdy guys I knew in high school, this is the ultimate journal. Most posts leave lingering questions over the status of my sobriety. I'm pretty much always simultaneously belligerent, overemotional, and slutty. I'm also single, so if you know of any nice guys send them my way. Bonus points if they're short and will probably be bald in ten years.

I'm also a prude, and curse like a sailor (or a semen!) which apparently throws some gusy off and makes them think I'm playing games. I don't know why this sounds like a personal ad. I'm drunk. v. v. sory.

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